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Sat, Apr. 25th, 2009, 10:57 am
kashanclaws: Argentine Black and White Tegu

So i have OFFICIALLY decided that I am going to get an Argentine B&W tegu.

Today I'm going to meet with a few people who said they could get one in for me... One of which is a great herper in the area who runs an amazing business and has always been willing to help me out, and who keeps some really stunning, healthy animals. The other is this lady who i got my HTCT female (andromeda) leopard gecko from, and she has a lot of quality herps too. Soooo at this point, i'm looking based on health firstly, temperment, and colouration lastly.

I'm hoping to find a female, but since i'm getting a baby, it could be a long shot.

Anyway. If any of you guys have any helpful insider tips on their care, aside from the general care, that'd be great. I'm not looking to purchase just yet... want to continue my research and begin procuring the supplies i will need. Fortunately, i have a friend who is giving away most of his reptile stuff (he had to downsize his collection completely, except for a mildly retarded leopard gecko... poor lil gecko is all kinds of messed up, it seriously has CROSSED EYES. but he is way cute and we love him dearly) and i also have a load of surplus stuff, from UTH's to heat lamps, and substrate... should be fun getting it all together.

Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement with you guys. I'll take some pics of the potentials, so you all can give your opinions, and of course, oogle at cute baby lizards!

On my reptile front at home, Nymphadora, my high yellow leopard gecko, is gearing up to lay her third pair of eggs. very cool.

And Archie the beardie hung out with me while I played Super nintentdo yesterday. He does this adorable thing where he crawls next to my thigh, and tries to smush his face between my leg and the couch 0_0 haha and then the wiggles his big ole dragony butt so that he's THISCLOSE to me, wedged between me and couch.

Its the cutest thing ever.

Sun, Dec. 27th, 2009 12:37 pm (UTC)

I have an Argentine B&W so here are my little bits of advice (which you prob know already):
1) They eat a lot. Mine is pretty much a bottomless pit. It's so much fun with babies to give them crickets and watch them go wild.
2) They like a fair amount of heat, and lots of water. Mine loves to bask, and drink a ton.
3) Mine LOVES to redecorate his cage. I have a ton of mulch in there because he buries himself when he's not out basking, and he'll move that, his water bowl, and his log around at least once a day.
4) They are smart and determined - do not have a cage that isn't totally secure. Mine managed to take an almost invisible imperfection in the screen lid and turn it into a huge hole, and then there was no keeping him in there. He'd get out every two seconds, no matter what you did to seal it back up...I had to get a new cage.
5) They grow really fast, so always pick a bigger cage than you think it needs.
6) Make sure you handle it regularly/feed it outside of the cage. They develop feeding responses easily, and then it can become hard to deal with a feisty chompy lizard. Their bites (even from a little one) are pretty brutal.

But, they are wonderful and beautiful creatures! Enjoy! Oh, and if you want to do something a little different - I make meatballs with lean ground turkey from the store, mix it with some strawberries, grapes, lettuce and carrots and blend it in a blender and put them into ice cube trays ready to thaw whenever you want. They're nutritious, easy to dust, ready quickly, and pretty inexpensive. (mine won't eat whole strawberries or grapes or anything, so that is why I have to blend it with the meat, but once you do that, he goes absolutely bananas for them - he likes the taste, but not the constancy? it's weird. regular turkey balls are just eh for him)

Sun, Dec. 27th, 2009 12:40 pm (UTC)

The turkey ball thing isn't good for babies though. Once they get older, it's great, but they should be ready to eat mice/rats at that point. Babies are mostly insectivorous, so it's best to wait a few months until they're bigger.