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Wed, Oct. 14th, 2009, 08:45 pm

Hi, I'm new here and I am in need of some advise.

I went to the local pet store today to take a look at their reptiles and I noticed this little skink in small tank on the counter. Cute little guy. The label on his tank simply said "Skink & Cage - $34." My friend and I ask a clerk if they knew what kind of skink it was, but all the clerk knew was that it was from Australia. I noticed that the tank had neither a UVB light, heat lamp, or a UTH. I'm assuming it was brought in like that by it's previous owner and the store personnel didn't know what to do with it. I asked if it needed UVB or heat (presumably it does) and the clerk stated simply that they hadn't been using any and shrugged.

As I left I started to feel bad for the little guy but I didn't want to just buy him without first finding out what his needs were so I went home and tried to do some research. I had to figure out what species he was first though. I Googled Australian skinks and found the Common Garden Skink which bared the most resemblance to the skink at the pet store. The problem is that this species is rarely kept as a pet so care information is scarce.

I was able to find out that it does need UVB and and a temperature range of 75-85F (24-29C). It eats crickets, mealworms, earthworms, caterpillars, and other basic lizard foods. It likes to burrow, can't see prey unless it moves, only needs to eat every 4-5 days but will accept food everyday, and only grows to a length of 14cm.

That's all I was able to gather. Is there anybody here who knows anything else, like what substrates are suitable? Is high or low humidity appropriate. What supplements are needed? do they bite much? Is any of this information wrong? Would it be okay to move the little guy to a 20gallon long terrarium or is he better off in his little 2-3 gal?

I'm still debating buying him, mostly because I really had my hearts set on a Dotted House Snake (If I can ever find a place or person to adopt or buy one from). But at the very least I can go back to the pet store and talk to them about it. Any information at all would be helpful. Thank you.

Tue, Dec. 7th, 2010 07:12 am (UTC)

hey im from australia and if he is brown with a lighter brown ontop and a snake like head hes a garden skink id there would be atleast 100 each garden here i have 2 of em breeding pair had em for a year now just picked em up from the back yard alls u need is a conatiner no high end encolsure for there home when babies get a toilet roll cut it in half longways and they sleeps hide under that and do not get a heat mat or lamp best way to train lizards is to become there heat source they will love u to bits just take it out in the morning hold it by its head gently until it stops squirming then leave it on your hand and got it hot breaths every 3 seconds or so when it starts to taste the air with its tounge u will know its happy and u put it back in its cage or container u must do this for about 10 mins morning and afternoon for about 2 weeks and soon he will happily clim on your hand to be warmed dont touch his tail if they loose there tail hormones go whirling round there head for a few days and they will freak out if u pick them up IT IS OKAY IF HES cold for a few days its normal were in the wet season here also have a bottle cap with water in it and they eat very very small bite sized bits of carrot flys slaters cut up worm ants DO NOT GIVE THEM SLUgs my one choked on one and i hadto almost crush his head to get it out lettuce also my female likes to lie on a rose petal :) dunno why but if theres one in there she just sit on it try and get another smaller one dont tame the second dont take him out until the first is tamed some lizards like skinks r social kind of if u have a dog he will eat it and line the bottom with shreded paper for them to go thru and skin themselves on :) have fun