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Sat, Nov. 13th, 2010, 08:26 pm
cyaneus: Chameeeeeleon.

Hi! I'm new in this community. I joined because I'm struggling with a reptile-related decision.

My housemate and I have been in love with a Jackson's chameleon at our local pet store for a couple weeks. I've gone back to the store just to visit her a handful of times, so I think perhaps I am now edging out of "impulse decision" territory and into "serious consideration" territory. The problem is, I have never owned a reptile before! So today when I went back to visit her, I bought a book about chameleons. It has actually not served its intended purpose of deterring me from wanting to buy her--instead I am making mental lists of things I would need to have in my house in order to care for her. But I want to make sure that I am totally, completely prepared before I drop a couple hundred dollars on this endeavor.

Here's a rough list of things I think I would need:

Large glass indoor enclosure
Large wire outdoor enclosure (would a cage designed for finches work well?)
Reptile carpet
Thermometer & humidity gauge
UV lamp for indoor enclosure
Night light for indoor enclosure
Some kind of drip system (even just tupperware with a pinhole at the bottom)
Spray bottle for misting
Lots and lots of branches and plants
Small terrarium for insect-keeping
Gram scale

So what am I forgetting? Are there Very Important Things I must know before starting to acquire all these things, and ultimately a chameleon? If I do it, I want to do it right!